When you really ‘look’ at the ocean and all that is in and around it you become aware of the many intricacies of the ecology surrounding all life on the reef, in the sand , the sky, and the ocean itself. Small and larger rock pools at low tide are homes to many organisms, molluscs, seaweeds, octopus and crabs. BAILER 06

Bailer shells are decorated with contrasting colours and patterns, each one different from the next, and the sun shining through the clear water forms inspiring patterns.


Tiny soldier crabs move in swathes across the sandbars at low tide trying to evade the  seagulls as they select their victim. The colours mingle across the sand and form amazing patterns.


Small, smooth and shiny rocks are marked with lines and patterns evoking mystery and creating a need to paint.


Enormous coral remains lie dormant, but spectacular in the sands and show their intricate patterns.

Starfish in shallow water

Starfish in shallow water


Sand, sea and shadows

Sand, sea and shadows

2 Responses to Seascapes

  1. Rose says:

    It’s really a great thing to stop and really observe closely the beauty within. Thank you for highlighting.


  2. juneerowe says:

    As an artist, it seems to be a necessity when trying to portray anything. Do you find that too?


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