Anthills and distant Cape rangeSummertime on Charlesknife Road

Over summer when temperatures reach well into the 40,s is actually a delightful time to experience Exmouth. The ocean is perfectly clear and usually flat and calm. This photograph taken from near the top of Charles Knife Canyon Road shows the expanse and gorgeous colors of the season. It is impossible not to feel inspired by this sight.


Pilbara  spinifex, small trees.

Pilbara spinifex, small trees.

Blue skies over the Pilbara

Blue skies over the Pilbara

2 Responses to Landscapes

  1. Rose says:

    Amazing photos. You can see how hot it is in the dirt. Beautiful.


  2. juneerowe says:

    Summer temps go well into the 40’s and stay hot from 1st Nov through to the 1st May like clockwork. Nights are not much better and the ocean temp is often higher than body temp, so not pleasant. Most beautiful, friendly and peaceful place I have ever lived, miss it now.


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