Inspiration for Pilbara landscape florals

Inspiration for Pilbara landscape florals

Fauna inspirations

Emus wander through town every summer. A close look at their feathers and features is a must if I am going to paint or stitch images of them.

Flora inspirations

Bottle brush flowers need a close inspection  before creating artwork involving them, as they are so delicate and the long bristles are delightfully coloured.

West coast of Exmouth Gulf

There are myriads of rock pools at low tide, where clams and many shells congregate. A wonderful way to spend time is to peer into them and view these amazing creatures.The birds and fish are also plentiful, and yes, it is a protected area, so pristine and looking good. Flowers and wildlife are plentiful and provide close encounters which give me more awareness of their features, so that I can depict them with clarity. I prefer not to draw the shapes to follow,but to  sew directly onto the cloth, so it is helpful to know the subject well, and to draw patterns to on paper to follow.

2 Responses to Inspirations

  1. Rose says:

    This views would surely give me inspiration for sure. They are really lovely photographs.


    • The scenery is very uplifting. I think I am making some headway with this, but not sure how you viewed the scenery. I didn’t post it as far as I know. I hope your essay is going to plan. Mine is underway, but not completed yet.


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