This website is about art, textiles,and in particular, free-motion stitching, and  a way to share and  learn new skills by inspiring each other, to advance and enjoy spare time. Please join me in my journey as I experiment with threads and paint, fabric and scraps.

My journey in free-motion artwork began with simple sewing, scrap working, appliqué, quilting, and crafts but none of these satisfied my urge to create. When a friend showed me how to make fabric from scraps of thread,a new and innovative style began. From threads I went to scrap fabric pieces and began to apply them to prepared fabrics and from then on I was hooked. Paint on fabric, then stitches created my desires.

The book The Art of  ‘Annemieke Mein Wildlife Artist in Textiles’,  (1992. Australia:Search Press.)  added further interest and ideas, and I kept on experimenting until I found I needed far more information . It was then I chose to

I hope to enrich friendships, and gather strength within the sewing  and art community by discussing and encouraging each other as we develop our individual styles.

My inspirations come mainly from the natural environments about me, wherever I may be, and I love to  closely examine sand patterns and rock features, sea life and birds. Clouds and distant hills are always exciting and inspirational, and by using a variety of materials I create my own conceptual art forms. My favourite object is the tree- any tree! Each is so dramatically different from the next, and they house amazing creatures tiny and large.

Although I have tried many creative projects throughout my life, my passion has been for free-motion machine embroidery as it is so open to new ideas which is what I also like to form. Sometimes I prefer to not view other works as I don’t want to be influenced in the way I proceed, but it is always advantageous to examine other ideas in order to expand and fulfil my own desires.  I enjoy using scrap threads and tiny fabric off cuts to create a new fabric which I can use in my artwork creations.  Currently I am studying for an arts degree, and am always seeking further input.

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